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White Rose Ebook
The publisher with a difference-no contract.

White Rose can format and publish YOUR edited manuscript in YOUR name, giving YOU the freedom to track YOUR sales and make any changes at a later date.
No binding contract to get out of at enormous legal costs.
   YOUR work can be published on Amazon, Kdp, Smashwords and many more giving YOU maximum sales and exposure.
With a one off up front payment and no extra costs it means all the royalties belong to you.

Cover Design

Also there is a cover design service, just supply the image YOU like along with any extras, such as tree’s, people etc. YOU would like and the font YOU like.
Prices for this amazing service start at $10 per 10,000 words (rounded down, eg 60500 is $60) with a maximum limit of $60 and the cover is $60 
All I need initially is the edited manuscript, the authors bio, blog link,  possibly picture and details of any other published books. These are entered at the end of the book with links to the sale site. If publishing is required this is a free service, I shall of course need a cover and synopsis for entry onto the site.

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