Here are some of my satisfied clients

I'm a writer, and I have a job, and other things to do. I don't have a
lot of time to spend on figuring things out with formatting. Maybe
someday when I've got time, but not right now. So, I had John Gill do
the formatting for me. He has more patience than I do. He has
formatted, to date, three short stories of mine, helped me put them up
on Amazon and Smashwords too. Plus on two he did the titles on the
book cover (I provided the pictures and he placed the title and my
name on it). With Vampire, My Own, he gave me two different styles of
lettering and I chose one. He can do the full cover as well. He does
his author wife's covers and they're fantastic!
Anyway, I'd rather leave such techie stuff up to someone who knows
what they're doing, and not give myself an aneurism over the

Lorelei Bell Author of Murder Mansion, Vampire, My Own and Holy Devil

John Gill provides high quality and very friendly service. His formatted version of my manuscript loaded instantly into Kindle. In addition, he worked with me to create the fine cover on my anthology. I strongly recommend John to anyone who needs help formatting their novel or stories. He is also quite adept at helping the writer create a high-quality cover design for their novel or stories.
Best service either side of the Atlantic.
Neil Benson Author of Unholy Embrace and Dark Journeys


  1. "I can only say that John Gill is a truly professional formatter. He has up to date formatted three of my novels to perfection and is very affordable. Highly recommended. A full 5 stars."

    Michelle Wright

  2. John is super efficient, savvy, helpful, and keeps his deadlines. Above anything, he's honest and straight-forward. He won't stop until you are happy and if you have a tricky question, he'll go out of his way to get you the answers you need. Use John's services and you won't be disappointed. He's in your corner.

    Natalie G. Owens, author